Corinne Parker, of CParkersArt:

I am a fine artist working out of the Comox Valley for over thirty years. I was fortunate to grow up in a family that encouraged and supported my endless image making.  My first oil painting lesson was at 6 years old. I sold my first ink drawing at age eleven.

I’ve studied Batik cloth in Indonesia, courses at Concordia University in Montreal, and NIC in Courtenay, spent 15 years as an architectural and structural draftsperson, worked on ranches, followed an amazing assortment of adventures in my life; but the one main course has always been my art.

Acrylic on Canvas

Acrylic on canvas provides a freedom to work in large areas. These range from 2′ x 3′ to almost 4′ x 8′. The canvas seems to have a life of its own, a field for colour, line and texture.

Mixed Media, Silkscreen~ glassed & framed

In these drawings, I am concerned with looking at what we are in danger of losing, in some cases have already lost. What I don’t want to lose in these images is the fact that we do live in paradise. If I can inspire others to see every day as a new day in paradise, maybe we can all do a better job of looking after it, or at least appreciating it.

Charcoal, graphite and pencil have their own interplay, surprising me sometimes with what they can achieve. Conte and chalk pastel add their own dimension to the work, allowing me to use colour to emphasise without overpowering the range of light and dark in the drawings. The rag paper in all but two of these is acid free archival material. It is also very tough and forgiving, allowing me to continually refine and change the drawing as it develops.

My sense of belonging not just to one place but to humanity, leads me to ponder and comment visually on our condition. My art is a drive to understand our lives within our environment. The beauty of being an artist is that there is always something new to learn. Whether it is creating an emotional experience or beating on the doors of convention, I believe an artist’s role is to provide a different point of view, to take the ordinary and re-present it.       

A great deal of my work has sold privately, as well as from exhibitions and shows.

I hope you enjoy the work.